Our Mission

UX for Change is a belief that we, as designers, have a responsibility to create things that improves people's lives. To this end, our mission is to empower designers to help take accountability and to provide support for organizations, projects, and causes that operate for the better of humanity.

Scope of Work

UX for Change intends to be a access point to connect designers with projects, design mentors with mentees, and to provide resources and tools to those who are interested in how design can improve the world we live in.  We are just getting started and this site is the first baby step towards our mission.

Global Impact

UX for Change mentorship participants globally  

UX for Change mentorship participants globally









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Our Team

We are a very small team, in fact a team of four right now, but we can't do this without additional help. As we are getting started we are looking to build a core team to help support this project. If you are interested in joining our core team, please get in touch.

Nick Finck
Founder, Board Member, Creative Lead

Nick Finck is a user experience professional who has worked in the web industry for over a decade. He specializes in information architecture, interaction design, usability and user research for web and mobile. Nick has created web and mobile experiences for Fortune 500 companies including Adobe, Intel, REI, Boeing, Google, and Oprah.com. He lives and plays in Seattle, Washington, where he’s a Product Design Manager at Facebook. You can read more about Nick at nickfinck.com.

Christine Ryu
Board Member, Marketing Lead

Christine Ryu a user experience product designer at Moz. Prior to Moz, she worked as a UX designer at Nordstrom, J.Crew, and Accenture. She is a firm believer in cultivating a strong UX community, and as such she has committed a lot of her time to give back. Currently she serves as the Secretary of UXPA Seattle and as the Marketing Chair for the UXPA 2016 International conference. She also helps out with other groups including XX+UX, General Assembly IA/UX Seattle.

Hugo Froes Simoes
Board Member, Mentorship Lead

Hugo is the head of user experience design at Hi INTERACTIVE in Portugal. He is also the founder of UXDiscuss, an online chat community on twitter, a tutor at EDIT - Disruptive Digital Education and give workshops and talks on creative thinking and the impact it can have in the world. His main objective as a User Experience designer is to make the a world better place one small step at a time.

Matthew Pennell
Board Member, Technical Lead

Matthew Pennell is a senior designer for Booking.com at their head office in Amsterdam and in Cambridge, UK. He is also the founder of Refresh Cambridge, and from 2006-9 worked for Digital Web Magazine as its Managing Editor and later Editor-in-Chief. You can read more about Matthew at matthewpennell.com.