We believe that a good mentorship is the most effective way to advance one's career in the UX field. In order to have a good mentoring experience you must accept that you may not know everything there is to know about the UX field and that you have a hunger to learn and grow professionally. 

We have identified five common qualities that make a good mentee, they are as follows: 

  1. Goal-Oriented - You place a high value on setting and accomplishing goals. 

  2. Seek Challenges - You are not satisfied with status-quo and are vocal about wanting and accepting new challenges.

  3. Take Initiative - You do not wait for others to notice you or your abilities and are willing to initiate a positive learning activity.

  4. Show Eagerness to Learn - You are curious about what you do not know and are able to ask for assistance or resources when faced with uncertain circumstances.

  5. Accept Personal Responsibility - You do not shift blame, procrastinate or become easily distracted, but readily admit and own your failures and shortcomings.

If you believe you possess all of these qualities and are ready to entrust a mentor to help your grow in your professional UX career, please complete the form below so we can find the best mentor match for you.